mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Simone Mantia: From our roots our future begins

The italian version of this post wants to be a sort of national anthem,
because the musical situation in Italy (but as I can see in newspapers also in other cuntry) is very sad, the problems could be many, last but not least the economic crisis, but despite this there are still dreamers, braves that decide to start a musical career without worrying about what will be, because when one beleives in a dream is certain the sooner or later will come true.
Then it’s to you that I dedicate this post, suggesting to visit this website:

I found it reading an article in the International Tuba Euphonium Association Journal (ITEA Journal) on the Simone Mantia Collection.
Was born in Palermo (Sicily) and immigrated with his family in USA in 1890.
He became later a legend of the Euphonium, but also with Trombone, playing with the most important bands and orchestras in New York.
You can read this article by Gretchen Renshaw about Simone Mantia in Vol 37 Number 3 Spring 2010 of the ITEA Journal.

Here is the part where the national anthem begins, so I can translate it in a way that can work for everybody:

In almost every nation, there have been and there are musicians with international reputation, musicians that have become legendary in country like USA, a country able to draw on the contribution that these figures give, doing extensive research , collections, contests dedicated to their name, retrieving historical records.
So my reccomendation is:
Don’t forget our musical roots and our culture.

I end the article with an auspice for my country (but can be extended to the whole world) to rivive a new renaissance trying to hold on.

The future belongs to those who still believe in their dreams.

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