mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Panofka, 24 Vocalizzi Progressivi, N.6

The term 'bel canto' refers to the Italian vocal style of the 18th and early 19th centuries which the qualities of which include perfect legato production throughout the range; the secret to bel canto, some claim, lays in continuity of tone and in the ability to pass from one musical phrase to the next with little to no interruption.

Here is a example on how we should play in the vocalise style, like with the voice we have to keep the control of the sound through all the notes.
But how we can improve our legato? the easiest thing we should do, is to check it with the mouthpiece; put a plastic tube (10 cm -  3,93 inches) in the backbore just to have more easiness during the sound emission and start play every single not, be sure you blow the right air, you can control it putting your hand just in front of the tube or using the inspiron.
Take care also on the quality of your vibration, as to be rich and warm.
Once you have under control every single note, start to play two or three notes togheter using the glissato to move from one note to another, the most important thing now is the sound of the glissato, has to be the same of the first and last note without any interruption or leak of sound, the glissato is the bridge that connect the notes, in other words is what we call "legato".
Go on the same way adding notes, you are building your legato step by step.
The first goal has to be always the quality of your sound, and only YOU know when you have to breath or how loud or soft you can play; specially when you practice, when you are building your future performance, try to find the balance between all the variables needed in brass playing and keep in mind always this word: QUALITY!

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  1. Interesting that you are using these too. I put up a post in my blog on the panofka from a singers point of view!

  2. Stephen, is very common for brass player today to use signers methods, it help us to have a better phrasing and better idea of how could be a legato

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